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We welcome you to the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT) website and encourage you to browse through the website to stay connected to the project. We have provided maps, graphics, and text which is designed to inform you about the project and offer ways to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

The CCT is a 15 mile project in Montgomery County, Maryland from the COMSAT facility near Clarksburg, Maryland to the Shady Grove Metro Station. The project has two phases. Phase I is 9 miles from Metropolitan Grove to Shady Grove. This Phase is actively underway and is currently proceeding with engineering and environmental analysis and is funded for formal environmental documentation, final design, and right-of-way acquisition. Phase II would be a future extension from Metropolitan Grove to the COMSAT facility near Clarksburg, and would be developed as land use matures and additional transportation funding becomes available. Click on About the Project/Description of Project link for a more detailed description of both Phase I and Phase II of the project.


Latest News:


February 10, 2014

A cornerstone of the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT) outreach efforts is the establishment of Area Advisory Committees (AAC). The AACs are a mechanism to provide citizens along the corridor and throughout the region with the opportunity to participate in the project. It reaffirms and maintains the Maryland Transit Administration’s commitment to work with communities in the development of the CCT.

MTA sought nominations from the public to assist in the project and are proud to announce that the members of the AACs have been selected.

Three AACs were formed to cover the full project length. Please click here to see a map of the AAC boundaries.

The initial meeting for each of the three AACs will be held in March 2014. Meeting details can be found on the Area Advisory Committees page. The Maryland Transit Administration hopes that information about the project and discussions regarding specific community concerns will be shared with residents by way of the members of the AACs. Also, AAC members can solicit feedback from the community to share with the project team.

Mission Hills Alignment Study

February 10, 2014

An alignment and station locations for the CCT project have been developed and were presented at the October 30, 2013 CCT Public Open House. In the area near the Mission Hills community and the Belward Farm, the CCT alignment, as currently defined, travels from the intersection of Johns Hopkins Drive and Belward Campus Drive, through the proposed Belward Farm development along an extension of Belward Campus Drive, along the east side of Muddy Branch Road to the intersection of Muddy Branch Road and Great Seneca Highway, and then along the south side of Great Seneca Highway. While travelling along the east side of Muddy Branch Road, the transitway would cross Mission Drive and a new traffic signal would be installed. To view the current alignment in this area click here.

On December 3, 2013, members of the CCT Project Team met with residents of Mission Hills to discuss their concerns about the transitway, its location in relation to their homes, and vehicular access to their homes. Residents expressed concern that the addition of the transitway, along with the existing congestion on Muddy Branch Road, may make it difficult to exit the community during morning and afternoon peak travel times. Mission Drive is the only access point to the Mission Hills community.

In recognition of these concerns, the CCT Project Team is looking into alternative alignments in the Mission Hills area. The alternatives being investigated include locating the transitway in the median of Muddy Branch Road as opposed to along the east side and shifting the transitway alignment to the east side of Belward Farm and connecting to Great Seneca Highway, thereby removing the alignment from Muddy Branch Road. The study team will be reviewing these alternative alignments and sharing them with the Mission Hills community in April of this year.


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We want to spread the word about the CCT!  If you’d like the team to meet with your community, neighborhood, business or special interest group to present the project, listen to ideas and seek feedback we’d be more than happy.  These types of exchanges will help us better understand local issues and help shape informed solutions along the CCT Corridor. To arrange for a team member to meet with your group, please contact:

Tracee Strum-Gilliam
Public Involvement Specialist

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