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We welcome you to the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT) website and encourage you to browse through the website to stay connected to the project. We have provided maps, graphics, and text which is designed to inform you about the project and offer ways to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

The CCT is a 15 mile project in Montgomery County, Maryland from the COMSAT facility near Clarksburg, Maryland to the Shady Grove Metro Station. The project has two phases. Phase I is 9 miles from Metropolitan Grove to Shady Grove. This Phase is actively underway and is currently proceeding with engineering and environmental analysis and is funded for formal environmental documentation, final design, and right-of-way acquisition. Phase II would be a future extension from Metropolitan Grove to the COMSAT facility near Clarksburg, and would be developed as land use matures and additional transportation funding becomes available. Click on About the Project/Description of Project link for a more detailed description of both Phase I and Phase II of the project.

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CCT News Winter 2014/2015

January 15, 2015

Since our last newsletter, many new initiatives and design activities have been undertaken. In this edition of CCT News, we introduce the CCT Area Advisory Committees (AACs), provide an update on the alignment based on the 15% Design Plans, share the status of the Phase I Environmental Assessment and associated Public Hearing, and present upcoming milestones.

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Grupos y Organizaciones

Nos gustaría€™ encontrarnos con su comunidad, barrio, comercio o grupo de interés especial. Escuchar ideas y comentarios nos ayudará a dar forma a soluciones informadas para liberar la congestión y mejorar la seguridad en todo el Corredor I-270. Para organizar que un miembro del equipo se reuna con su grupo, por favor contáctese con:

Tracee Strum-Gilliam
Especialista en Participación Pública

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