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April 2012

Since the public comment period for the Supplemental Environmental Assessment ended on February 1, 2011, MTA and its team of consultants have been busy preparing for the selection of the locally preferred alternative. We have been out in the community providing briefings and presentations to interested parties. In response to public concerns raised by the King Farm community, the team completed a feasibility study of potential alternatives to operating along King Farm Boulevard from the Shady Grove Metrorail Station near the King Farm Community. This study was completed during the summer of 2011. A meeting with the community to discuss the findings was held last fall. In addition, the engineering team has been focused on refining conceptual designs of the alignment and stations to better assess project limits of disturbance and coordinate designs with developers at stations in which development is being actively planned and constructed. Lastly, much of 2011 and 2012 has been spent testing and preparing the travel forecasting model for estimations of ridership and travel performance, in close consultation with the Federal Transit Administration. The modifications to design concepts and travel forecasting tools and analysis of ridership projections provided additional information for the choice of the LPA. Moving forward, the team will be focused on developing materials for entry into the Federal Transit Administration New Starts process later this year. There is much more to come! You can stay connected to the project on this website.