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August 18, 2014

The three AACs have been busy since the joint kickoff meeting in April and will continue to meet through March 2014. Every AAC will discuss the same general topics – alignment, traffic, urban design, station design, environmental stewardship, bicycle and pedestrian access, operations, project costs and funding, and construction impacts – but depending on the local conditions within the AAC study area and the particular interests of the AAC members, the timing and emphasis of the discussions may vary from one AAC to the next.

AACs One and Two each held meetings in May and July and discussed the proposed alignment, station location, intersection design, and traffic analysis and how it influences project decision making. The focus of September’s meetings will be on urban design and how it integrates bicycle and pedestrian access, passenger safety, and green infrastructure into the overall CCT design.

AAC Three met in May and held a walking tour in June to discuss the typical section options for the median of King Farm Boulevard. AAC Three members were asked to provide feedback on two transitway typical section options. The options were first presented at the May meeting and the June walking tour allowed members to visualize the two options while standing in the field where the changes would occur and to ask additional questions. AAC Three will be meeting in August to summarize the typical section decision and discuss traffic. 

AAC meeting materials, including meeting summaries can be found here.