The CCT Project has selected BRT as the mode for operation. Many people may be wondering, "What is BRT?" BRT stands for Bus Rapid Transit. BRT is a modern, permanent mode of transportation that combines features of both a bus system and a light rail system. Like a light rail transit (LRT) system, BRT vehicles utilize dedicated lanes but can leave the dedicated lanes to serve local destinations as needed. However, BRT uses vehicles with rubber tires on a dedicated paved surface rather than steel wheels on steel rail. BRT also has the option to travel on local roadways. The benefit of a BRT system over a LRT system is that you still get the modern technology and design, which improve the overall experience of the rider, but at a lower cost and quicker construction time.
For more information on BRT, the factors involved when evaluating the feasibility of BRT in local jurisdictions, as well as how to best work with the State, please review The MDOT Bus Rapid Transit: A Guide to Evaluate the Feasibility of Bus Rapid Transit.